Sunday night live

- the sunday routine: coffee, food, drinks - 
Almost every Sunday it's a date with Georgia K. Our routine is coffee, food and drinks. Each Sunday is almost the same. We didn't had in mind to shoot but why not?

- photos Georgia K via Samsung Galaxy S3 - 

top Mango | jeans Meltin pot | shoes Longchamp | bag ZARA



- the last sleeveless post when the background is brighter -
Usually we shoot with light. We want to capture that gold shines in our hair that will make them look magical. I have an urban attitude and as some friends say I have "a small darker side". This side makes me love the shadows of the light in the center of Athens, the cloudy and dark days etc.  I found those photos very appealing, not because of my outfit. Just because they have a magical, dark attitude!

necklace and bag ZARA | pants meltin pot | sandals See by Chloe | top H&M

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