- a.k.a. the past days in photos -

Time for another instagram post. For the last day of September here's a photo diary of iitc's last weeks, with all the must ingridients: clothes, designs, jewelries, the city, some food and the most important... memories!


Early Gray.

- plus the bling bling you saw here -

 Remember the BLUE post back in May? [yes the one with all the possible variations of blue]. Time for the Gray attack. I'm sure you don't know that actually gray is not a color but I'll leave that for the graphic designers. Let's learn the variations now....
Achromatic grays: Gainsboro, Light gray, Silver, Medium gray, Dark medium gray, Spanish gray, Gray, Dim gray, Davy's gray, Jet.
Off-grays: Platinum, Ash gray, Battleship gray, Charcoal.
Cool grays: Cool gray, Cadet gray, Blue-gray, Glaucous, Slate gray.
Warm grays: Puce, Rose quartz, Cinereous, Rocket metallic, Taupe.



The perfect earrings.

-gold and silver goodies -

Every now and then I look up for something more minimal and chic to wear (in jewelry). With a love to handmade stuff I had noticed all those cute gold Zoulovits earrings, made by Maya Zoulovits. Perfect, in the appropriate size, with a matte tone of gold (which is something that I really loved), and a small, discreet silver flower.
For an era when gold and silver are best friends, those earring can really stand out, from a head-to-toe extravagant outfit to a minimalistic monochrome match.
Thank you Zoulovits!

You can find|buy them HERE


Shopping-like-there's-no-tomorrow a.k.a SALES!

- A late sales|news in post -
You know the phrase "like a kid in the candy store"? This kid is me, and the candy store is ZARA - season time: Sales. I don't have this love with the rest of the company's brands but Zara for me is what Manolo's were for Carrie. So in a shopping-like-there's-no-tomorrow spree (with the most expensive item at 15.99) I came home with amazing Winter treasures. Yes Winter. Cause as you have already noticed - I love winter and Zara Sales!!



Bling bling.

- Or the bigger the better - 

I wanted a transpatent-type-of-jewelry for a very long time, but nothing was too big, too pretty or too transparent for me. One night during strolling e-shops I found this magnificent bling bling piece. Cute flowers, nice chain, big enough for my cup of tea. It was a love-at-first-sight situation. I have to make it mine.
And now it is!

Necklace ZARA | find it HERE


The relaxing-in-an-island post.

As we're in the second week of September - and as much as I embrase and love cold weather the heat is still on - I decided to post some of my relaxing-in-an-island photos. This year I had the need to be in a quiet place and enjoy my time by the sea than taking outfit photos. I wouldn't post any of the photos I took but some of them deserve a show off..

- All photos from Andros - 


Like a china porcelain.

-Although the proper title is "Like a china ZARA porcelain"-

 This blouse reminds me the classic china.. Those blue, with dragons and prints dishes, that you don't want to eat in them because they're too blue to get dirty. Well something like that. White base with different shades of blue. Floral embellished top with geometric printed shoes. Mixed and matched without being too confusing and always reminding that classic, retro china porcelain - which by the way I love to hate! 

wearing: Head to toe ZARA (SS '13 ALL)
big rind H&M | cross ring & necklace Folli follie


Illustrated. feat. Zara shoes.

When you are about to make a change you might want to take it slow, especially when the change need your consistent work and devotion. Yes I'm kidding. Change is good, might be for something better - or worse - but it's always a new chapter or a new phase of something. I decided to envolve more my illustrations to this "fashon" blog. So for better or for worse, the change is already here! Thoughts???

Zara pointed slippers SS' 2013.



When I decided to start blooging I wanted to share my personal taste. Meanwhile - mostly from staring at  the jet setters of the fashion blogging world - I started thinking that I should wear the new clothes and buy new season's clothes to keep up and of course not to wear the same item more than twice for an outfit post. REDEFINE! Fashion comes and goes, each season something new pops up. Some items will last forever - like LBD - some others for a couple of seasons - no examples needed. 
I find more creative and more inspiring to redefine the style of clothes and the possible combinations. Old pants, new ring. Worn before bag and glasses with a kinda old, this season's t-shirt. 
The result is yours to judje.
Happy Autumn!

WEARING: t-shirt, sunglasses & bag all ZARA | pants: .LAK | necklace: Sismade 
 ant ring by Christos Eustathiou

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