p.s. I want you

Every time this year all fashionistas are making the checklist of the new - mostly desired - items they want for the up coming season. Same here. I work a bit different though. I know what I want. I only have to find it. I definetely want shoes, because they;re never enough. I want a coat because I don't have one. I want accessories because I'm obsessed with statement bling blings.
I' m leaving you with my winter wishlist to go for my final week of summer vacation.

neclace | pointed shoes with tassels | black bag | earcuff | grey cape  all ZARA
burgudy brogues | black boots | limited edition lether brogues all Massimo Dutti


A breathe away ...

... for sea, beach, tanning, relaxing and doing nothing else than swimming, having fun and feel the summer. I couldn't resist on searching for some beachy outfit ideas. I ended up with three outfits that I would definately wear - at this point my odsession with one piece swimsuits is obvious. Which one is your favorite?
I'm off till the end of August so enjoy the last couple of summery weeks and see you after 25th!
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i'm back

After spending almost 2 months without posting anything at all, after quite a long time thinking about my next "step", after hours and hours talking about this, I ended up where I began. I started this blog for fun. I didn't expect to make money out of it or have it as my main job. I just wanted to show you my personal taste in clothes but this somehow lost its meaning when I started thinking about making the blog more “money”.

So, here we are again, in the last month of summer, with me making a big decision for my life, my dreams and my blog.

I'll continue posting personal outfits but things will be slightly different. In the end, this blog is me. What does this mean? Not sure yet but definitely not just posing for an outfit. More to come in the next months ;)

And since another disappearance is on its way (holidays ahead and rebranding the blog require a break), here's how my last two months rolled out.

Drawing, sea, more drawing, beers and food, drawing again and shopping!

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