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When a blog like The Golden Bun posts something about you, you should feel honored! Vicky -the owner- takes amazing photos not only from her outfits and her clothes, but from her everyday life too.
You  have to check her blog and at her instagram -@ theGoldenBun!
Thank you do much for the feature!



AXDW #2 Outfit


Although a bit late but this was my outfit for the secind day of Athens Exclusive Designers Week!
It was a bit cold I have to say, but my new army jacket kept me warm!
After the summer period, I decided that I have an unexpected crush with those shorts, at least till the heavy cold! For this day I chose army green tones with nudes, and a hint of black!
What do you think?
Have a wonderfull week!

jacket: ZARA | top: Mango | shorts: Toi&Moi 
ring: Bershka | shoes: ZARA | necklace: vintage | bag: Mulberry



AXDW #1 Outfit

This is my outfit for the 1st day of the Athens Exclusive Designers Week - AXDW! 
For you who already follow me on instagram, you have seen this outfit as I was posting photos all the time!
It was a really great night and we had a lot of fashion fun!

dress, jacket: ZARA | boots: ZARA | bracelet: Mango | bag: La marthe Paris



AXDW #2 - The shows

Too many shows on the second day! And also the New Designers Awards. This day, young designers are on the spotlight, shownig their creations and their talent!
I attended many shows and here are some of my favorites! 

photos from Polina Argyrou show with amazing Clic jewels

From Pixie Mud show
from insomniac show feat. Clic Jewels
from Carmen Emanuela Popa

from Victoria S. By F. Erotokritos


AXDW #1 - Photo diary

waiting for Aslanis show to begin
Each year all the fashionistas are waiting for the Athens Exclusive Designers Week, a.k.a. the Greek Fashion Week. For 4 days every fashion girl and boy is there. The first day was really lovely with amazing shows and clothes! On the schedule were Valtadoros, Asel & Eleonora, Miltos, Ratt by Rita Attalia and the last show was Aslanis. I can't really say that there was a show that blow my mind away, but I loved so many pieces from all the shows. 
Let's begin the photo mix diary of the day!
p.s - I know is a huge post!
at the axdw
Miltos final model
from Valtadoros show
Miltos models
before Valtadoros show



I have to admit that no matter the fur thing, Cruella de Ville was the most fashionable Disney character. The best thing is that Cruella is now on t-shirt! For this outfit I chose one of my old and favorites, the pumps, and a pair of harem pants which I've never post before. So what do you think?
ps. Have a lovely weekend! I can't wait for AXDW!!

top: pinko / pants: Toi&Moi / belt, bag, hat: vintage / bracelet: Mango / shoes: ZARA



A sailor in the forest

Posting lost stuff and outfits is one thing that I really like! I had almost forgot this magical shooting location we've found in Agistri.
I'm pretty sure you remember my other post from there.
This was an amazing path, with rocks and trees in the sides and Spiridoula and I were thinking the exact same thing. We must have a shoot here!
And of course there was no time to change the outfit, so pretty much that's how the title of this post was born!

ripped jeans: ZARA / top: Mango / necklace: elisavet kapogianni / sandals: Stella



8 knits you'll love!

As winter is a breath away I decided to show you my 8 favorite knitted tops for this season! Spikes, peplum,  chunky or chic, oversized or not knit is always the best choice for a freezing winter. So let's begin!!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Peplum ZARA knitted top Knitted ZARA top with spikes
Reverse oversized MANGO jumper / Turtleneck straight-cut MANGO jumper
Massimo Dutti cashmere sweater / Uterque two-toned long cardigan
Jacquard-knit H&M cardigan /  Camouflage Pull&Bear jersey



The first cold.

The first cold! Finally! And I must admit I love shorts more combined with jackets and hoodies, so yayy to chilly weather! And an outfit again with my masterpiece purse! 

Shoes, top, jean jacket: ZARA / shorts: Toi&Moi
bag: La marthe Paris / bracelet: Syrigas Yiorgos


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