Today's outfit!

Long time since my last "Today's Outfit" post!
For some unknown reason I'm not that creative in photoshooting myself anymore.
I would prefer to make the shoot with someone else wearing my clothes but this is not that possible..  Because i love creating outfits over and over i'll try something new in "Today's Outfit" presentation.

The idea is to take a picture of the hole outfit ans after that pictures or parts of the outfit. Every piece of clothe i'm wearing will be presented and will be the "model" of the picture!

About my outfit now.
I'm wearing boyfriend jeans, which after baggy ones are my favs, and of course faux fur vest! This is a casual morning outfit!

The details!!!

top, hoodie: .LAK / fur: vintage
jeans: Toi&Moi / shoes: Sonia Rykiel
belt: Salvatore Ferragamo / bag: Mulberry

I would like to tell me what you think of this type of posting today's outfit!


Drawing continiues!!

So..Let's continiue with the next days on the Drawing challenge!
I was drawing all those days i was away so i'll post them all here!
We have best friend, favorite movie and favorite animated character.

best friend

Favorite movie: Pulp fiction

Favorite animated character: Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.
I made her a bit pin-up though!



Day 4: Your fav place

I couldn't think of another favorite place than a shopping street, a mall or something like that!

I'll be away for 3 days, with no internet.
So I wish you all a nice weekend and see you on Monday!



DIY: Nails

I made this one when i was trying to match different colors for nail nesign and the chopstick for dots but i really liked it. 
I'll show you how easy you can do it, but with other colors this time! 

Step 1: Start with the base coat, to protect your nails. Next, paint your nails in the color of your choice!

Tip: As you would see it looks better in a light base color. 
I don't like it that much with the dark color as base, but it's a new shade i just bought and i wanted to try it!

Step 2: Use the chopstick to make the big dots. (If you don't remember how to make the big dots check the cherry nails)

Step 3: Make big dots with another color as shown below

Step 4: Use a toothpic and make the small dots in the center of the big ones, creating a line. Your result would be this!

I hope you like the final result. I definatelly prefer it in the light grey base with bright colors.


Day 3: Draw your fav food

As much I enjoy drawing with pencil, I love drawing cartoonish style with photoshop.



Day 1: Draw Yourself!



I seached for greek blogs ( alittle support is not that bad, right?) and i found The Amethyst And The Emerald. Seaching her blog i saw the "30 Days Drawing Challenge", as well with some of her designs, which are really cute! 

I'm seriously thinking to accept the challenge, as I haven't drawn for a while and i really miss it.. 
I'll propably start it tomorrow or tonight! 



Handmade: little starfish!

Finally i have a little preview from my handame jewelry collection!
Those are little starfish (or flowers?) pins!
They're made from kitchen gloves.

I hope you like them!



DIY: Cherry nails!

This was a try in one nail only! the base is made with the "Moon technique" and french nail shades. I think it's a bit summery but I was too excited to try it!

You'll need a toothpic and a chopstick.
A base coat, red and green nail polish for the cherries and any color you like as a base!
I'll show you only how to make the cherry shape. If you also want a Diy for the moon technique just let me know!
Let's begin!

Step 1:  Put some red nail polish on a piece of paper and using the chopstick pick some of the polish. You'll create a big dot in this way.

Step 2: Repeat step one to make another big dot next to the first one!

Step 3: Put some green nail polish on a piece of paper. Using the toothpick pick some polish and make two lines to create the top of the cherries as shown below!

Apply a top coat and your cherry nails are ready!



p!nk for October

October is the month for Breast Cancer Awareness. With pink as trademark, this campaign has informed and helped many women. For me, is really important to support campaigns like this. Every year in Greece, Estee Lauder in collaboration with the fashion designer Dukas creates the pink ribbon bracelet. All the money raised form the bracelet sales, go to the foundation "Alma Zois" for prevention and early detection of Breast Cancer. 

Despite havin almost a full collection from this bracelets, this October I decided to create a pink room for this cause. 

p!nk for october!

* Unfortunatelly, I'm having some problems with uploading photos the last couple of days, and also I have a terrible cold the last 3 days, so not much of creativity and imagination..Hopefully next week I'll have more interesting posts for you!
Stay tuned and i hope you all have a great weekend!


Versace for H&M!

It's been some time since the announcement for the collaboration Versace with H&M!
Now we have a small preview of the clothes on polyvore.com! The collection consists in both women and men clothes and foe first time a home collection.
I personally loved this fluo pink dress, the bag and the ring! I can't wait to shop the collection!

versace for h&m

Versace items are press reviews.
You can see the collection on the vogue.co.uk
The collection will be available for preview in hm.com on October 27th.



leopard and fur!

From last winter i was in love with fur and leopard print. This outfit is combinnig both. Photos are taken in the elevator so i couldn't shoot the hole outfit but some parts!!
I hope you like it as much as i did!

fur vest: BSB / top: Mango / jeans: Meltin'Pot / purse: Mulberry
shoes: Sam Edelman / ring: Uterque / necklace: vintage



DIY: Dotted nails!

You'll need: a white nail polish, 3 nail polishes in different shades of the same color and a tooth stick.

I used 3 different shades of grey and a top coat for shine.

Step 1: Start with the base coat, to protect your nails. Next, paint your nails in the middle shade

Step 2: Paint diagonial with the lighter shade. If you can't make it stairght, you can use tape!

Step 3: Paint diagonial with the darker shade. 

This is how you nails should look when you finish with the 3 shades. Now it's time to add the dots!

Step 4: Make the white dots with a tooth stick.
You should apply some nail nail polish in a paper and then with the tooth stick you create the dots in your nail.

You should make 2 lines with the white dots, as shown below.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 for the rest of the dots. Each time you'll apply some polish on a paper and then create dots on your nails. 

Step 6: Repeat step 5 for the darker area of the nail. You should make the lightest shade on the darker area. Your final print should be like this

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